Woo Hoo!

6 Mar

Just got  my invite to Ravelry today!  So excited!  Posted some projects up today, and it all looks like it’ll be fun, informative, and addictive.  Frogged the Baby Boatneck sweater I was working on for Collin and am starting it again with some different yarn – wool instead of cotton (beings that the pattern actually called for wool in the first place, but cotton was what I had) and different colors.  I’m much more excited about it now.  Should be a fairly quick knit.  I just hope it fits since I had to work out the math for 2T since it only went up to 18 months.  Hopefully I figured it all out right.  I’m sure it should be easy, but my cotton one was already too wide.  Hmmm…  I also have several other projects lined up:  a really great zippered vest for Chase, socks for the three of us, and a tank top for me.  That’s right, it’s still winter and I’ll be knitting up a tank.  That’s spring fever in the works for ya.  I also have a movie to review (The Best of Youth), but it’s a doozy.  I loved it, but it was six hours long and very involved, so I’m re-thinking how I want to write the plots of movies.  I got a Netflix movie in the mail yesterday (Quartet) – which I started last night – and one today (A Streetcar Named Desire), so those will be reviewed shortly too.  What movies are you watching?


One Response to “Woo Hoo!”

  1. kari March 21, 2008 at 10:24 am #

    I LOVE the vest! It is so nice! You will definitely have too post pics when you’re finished with it. You have become quite the knitter! I think it’s so cool that you taught yourself such an awesome skill!

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