Birthday Bunnies

24 Mar
Cienna’s Birthday Bunny

Well, yesterday was my little Collin’s 2nd birthday.  He had a wonderful party and is spending today playing with all of his new presents.  I can’t believe he is two – they really do grow so fast!  I know that everyone says that, but sheesh!  It’s too true.

Collin’s Blue Birthday Bunny

Collin’s little cousin, Cienna, turned one earlier in the week, so I made the both of them a bunny from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms.  It was a fun and quick knit and I learned a lot from it as many things were a first for me.  They’re made from organic cotton and stuffed with bamboo.  The bamboo is so very silky and is a natural antibacterial.  I did have a bit of trouble with sewing in my ends though, and figure they could have been handled in a better way – they should hold though…hopefully.

Fluffy Tail Detail

 I’ve had some requests from family members who say they’d like a bunny too.  Right now, I’m ready to knit something else.  I’m not sure what yet.  I can’t get started on Chase’s vest until I purchase the right sized circular needles.  I might start some socks, but honestly, I’m a little intimidated by the whole idea.  I think I might do a tank top with my own pattern, but that’ll take a bit of figuring.  I have several movies to review.  Here are the ones I’ll be writing about soon (along with the others I already mentioned – I’m getting quite the list):  Easy Rider,  The Darjeeling Limited, and Death at a Funeral.  Well now, in honor of Easter, I’m watching The Easter Parade.  I just love Judy Garland!  And Fred Astaire too.  They are both amazing!  Happy Easter!

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