Birthday Crafts

25 Mar


Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Boy!

For Collin’s birthday, I really wanted to make him a crown and a banner.  Since I was staying at my mom’s for most of last week, I decided to take advantage of her sewing prowess and her very large stock of fabric.  I drew the shape of the crown and picked out the fabric.  She so kindly let me use one of her hand-dyed felts that I thought was so very beautiful.  She did a quick sew from my pattern and voila, we had a crown. 



I picked out a flannel to line the inside, cut it out and glued it on the cardboard.  A few stars glued here and it was just about finished.  I made it a few inches bigger than Collin’s head so that he could where it in the years to come.  A few dots of sticky-backed velcro made it the right size and as luck would have it, the points lined up perfectly!


Next came the banner.  I had seen a banner on Soule Mama (love that blog!) and thought it was an excellent idea not to buy some plastic-y or paper one that might not last through the years.  Besides, a homemade one just has a different feel to it. 


I decided on triangles with backgrounds of varying colors.  We picked out a sparkly dark blue felt for the letters and rick rack to hold it all together.  My mom picked out the pretty rainbow ribbon too, which was such a great addition. 



She sewed it up the night before the party, while I was at home baking my very first chocolate layered cake.  It was lots of fun, despite the late hours, and I especially liked melting the chocolate with the double-boiler method.  I used America’s Test Kitchen’s Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake recipe.  Delish!  It was also my first time frosting a cake (which I did the next morning) and that too was satisfyingly fun.


See the cake? Yum! 

The birthday turned out very well and I just can’t believe my sweet little boy is two!  I won’t get too sentimental here, but believe me, the tears certainly welled up a few times as I looked at him with my Mother eyes.  Sweet, sweet wonderful boy!


He loves this gift from his Grandpa! 

We got him a wood kitchen which I was very excited about.  Definitely a toy to grow with.  He loves cooking on it and playing with the food.  


He got great gifts from family and friends and he had such a fun time!  I don’t think he wanted the party to be over, he was loving all of the playtime with other kids.


I’m so glad he has family near to celebrate with and friends as well.  Only wish all of our family could be near! 


One of his gifts from his Neema (my Mom).  So sweet!

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2 Responses to “Birthday Crafts”

  1. Meri March 27, 2008 at 4:14 pm #

    Happy Birthday, Collin!
    What wonderful birthday party you must have had!
    PS: Great persistence to learn to knit from the net! I haven’t knit for over 15 years… And my daughter is turning 2 on April 4th… I will check on you again… and maybe re-start with a scarf myself…?

  2. Paige March 29, 2008 at 2:29 am #

    Hi Meri! The party was a lot of fun. Your daughters birthday is just three days before mine. I love spring birthdays. I hope you do decide to knit again, if you enjoy it. I’ve had SO much fun with it!

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