What I’ve Been up To: Knitting

28 May

 A Dress for a 1 year old – but grows with ya.

 Dress Detail

Here’s what I’ve been working on.  This is a dress for a little girl named Claire, who had her birthday a month or so ago.  I had this much done by the time her birthday party came ’round (and I did it in the span of 2 days!), and now I’m finally getting the back done.  It is my own pattern and some of the way it turned out wasn’t exactly how I had planned, I just sort of figured things out as I went along.  I really had no idea what I was doing – I still don’t – and I hope it all turns out OK as far as size goes.  I am quite pleased with it considering it is the biggest thing I have made so far, and for the fact that I made the pattern myself.  You should see the paper I wrote it all down on.  I haven’t really knitted much from patterns, so I had no idea how to write it out.  I just listed what to do on each and every row (all 105 of them!).  I did the back a bit different, no seed stitch except at the bottom.  I’m going to put tie straps up at the top, hopefully border the top with white and put a white heart on the bottom.  Just hope it all turns out alright.  It’s been a lot of fun, but there are red cotton fluffs all over the house!  It’s such a nice, soft cotton blend:  50% Peruvian Pima Cotton and 50% Tencel (which I have no idea what that is.  Hold on a minute and I’ll find out…).

…Turns out, Tencel is the brand name for lyocell, which is made from wood pulp cellulose.  Interesting.  So all natural and very soft!  It’s made by Cascade Yarns, which I have liked very much thus far. 

Also in the works; I am still working on a sweater for Collin, and I did start Chase’s vest, but I’m not very far on it.  It’s looking pretty cool, but I’m nervous about the sizing on it and armhole placement (when I get to it) because I decided to use my own gauge and attempt to figure out how to do the sizing according to that, and well, it could have been a very poor decision on my part.  I’ll know eventually I suppose.  I also have a gift to knit for a friend of mine who has a baby that’s on the way.  I haven’t yet decided what I want to do yet though. 

There’s a lot more I’ve been up to as well, but I’ll get to that all in good time.  I’ve been busy, busy! 

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