Excitement All Around!!!

11 Sep

Can’t contain my excitement:  I’m going to Seattle this next week to visit my wonderful sister Linnet, and I just found out today that we will be seeing Okkervil River (along with Sea Wolf and Zykos) at Showbox at the Market!  *(Turns out this was actually a special showing in the afternoon – as opposed to the one that night at the Showbox – for gold member KEXP members.  Linnet got two tickets and let me be her guest! Thanks Linnet! XOXO It was amazing! Good thing there was a fish tank. :)*  This is only made more superb by the fact that we were already planning on going to see The National (with Menomena) at Moore Theatre (for Co-Ops Rock!)!  WOW!  It will certainly be a music packed month for me!  (Fleet Foxes and Wilco back on August 20th!)  So I’m feeling quite lucky.  Up until this point, I have only been to two major concerts and that was back in high school.  Collin gets to go to Okkervil River, so that’ll be pretty cool for him.  I told him he was going to a concert with Linnet and me and he said, “I get to dance?”  Okkervil River at 2 years old…pretty cool.

On other exciting news fronts:  We broke ground for the building of our house yesterday!  Chase and his brother Paul are out there right now with the backhoe digging up the dirt.  By the time Collin and I get back from Seattle, we should hopefully have a floor – maybe even a bit of framing done!     

It’s going to be a wonderful week in Seattle!  My mom, Collin, and I are driving up.  It’ll be good to get away and know that the house is coming along…


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