Seattle 3 – Pacific Science Center

23 Sep

I have this same picture with Chase standing there from way back in 2001!  We went to Seattle for our honeymoon.

If he looks scared, that’s because he is.  He still really liked them though.  They just made him a bit nervous.  It was dark in there, the dinos were moving and making noises, and he felt like they were real.  I had to convince him that they were just robots.  Scared, but intrigued.

 I love the Science Center!  (No surprises there as I love just about everything science related.)  The insect area is SO fascinating, though it made my mom a bit squeamish.  Collin pet a cockroach that one of the employees was holding and we went into the butterfly room.  So cool, of course, but nothing like the one in Gainesville!  That place is bigger, has more butterflies, a creek, and lots of vegetation.  But both are wonderful.  Collin also got to touch animals in the tide pool, play with some pretty cool water toys, and make music with some really neat contraptions.  All kinds of science-geek goodness!


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