Seattle 4 – The Okkervil River Incident

24 Sep

How sadly pitiful! :(

But he’s OK!

To explain the title…Linnet, Collin, and I went to a special showing of Okkervil River and because we had Collin, we sat up in a sound booth where it wouldn’t damage his ears.  There we were, sitting on chairs, with Collin on Linnet’s lap.  He was having such a great time rocking out when he slipped forward and smacked his head on the windowsill of the soundbooth.  Sharp edge.  He immediately got a very large goose egg and cried, and cried, and cried.  I took him out to the bar area for some ice and tried to calm him down.  Each time he stopped crying, he’d only start up again.  There was a very large two-sided fish tank and that seemed to keep him mostly happy.  But all the while, Okkervil River was playing and we were missing it.  Any attempt to take Collin back into the soundbooth brought on more tears.  He no longer wanted to be in there and only wanted to go look at the fish.  Linnet so kindly offered to take Collin to the fishies so that I wouldn’t miss any more of the show.  Thank you Linnet!  Once with the fish, Collin was again happy.

After the concert, we went to the Seattle Art Museum.  The exibit we went to was something about inspiring the impressionists.  It was wonderful!  So interesting, so beautiful!  Collin did really well and enjoyed looking at everything.  Especially these white cars that have rods of light sticking out of them.  It starts with the car on the ground.  Then there are several suspended from the ceiling in various stages of a flip.  Last, it is on the ground again – right side up and unscathed. 


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