Seattle 8 – Sights 4

28 Sep

 An entrance into the International District

Linnet introduced us to the neatest “toys” at the International District.  They’re actually collectible toys that come in little boxes – about the size of those single serve cereals.  There are lots of different themed sets, but each one you get is a surprise.  So, for instance, you might have a set that is forest animals, but all the boxes are the same on the outside so you don’t know what you’re getting.  It’s part of the fun and excitement.  The toys are a mix of Asian and Western influence and are so detailed and interesting.  I want to complete my sets!  Oh look, there’s even a Flickr group dedicated to them.  Take a look and you’ll want to start collecting too!

Speaking of international, one of  my favorite meals while in Seattle was this Vietnamese soup called Pho (pronounced Fuh).  In Seattle, there are several Pho restaurants where that is pretty much all they serve.  So delicious.  So many layers of flavor and texture.  Wow.  No kidding, it’s the best!  I crave it all the time now and hope to take a crack at making it sometime.  Have you had this AMAZING soup?


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