Garden Update: 1

20 May

Cherry Belle Radishes

These radishes are gone now.  Eaten up sliced thin on a piece of buttered bread sprinkled with salt. Delish! The second crop has already germinated and the third crop is planted. I think I’ll eat all of them on the buttered bread. It truly was tasty and Collin happily ate it up as well.  I have planted a few more loose leafed ‘Salad Bowl’ lettuce in their place. Look at me with a catch crop already in place!

Salad Bowl Lettuce

Thinned these guys. They’re looking good and healthy. Can’t wait to eat them in a salad! Let’s hope it doesn’t get too hot for them. Though it says they’re slow to bolt.

Red-Cored Chantenay Carrots

In this pic, the carrots are plentiful and thriving. Now, they’re still thriving, but not so plentiful. Thinned out 30(!) of them to leave behind just 11.  But I planted them as the package directed and thinned as directed as well. Felt bad killing out the poor fellas, but I suppose that’ll make the survivors all the more hearty.

Oregon Sugar Snap Peas

Can’t wait for these guys be ready for harvest! Oh sweet delicious peas from the vine. I found that metal contraption leaning on the fence in the backyard. Tied some string to it, and there you have it – a trellis! Hurray for up-cycling!


Look at these tall greenies ready for the eating – except the short few on the ends.  Going to be using some in tomorrow’s dinner. So satisfying a crop to grow with it’s quick return in produce. I used sets and they are so simple!  Down the line there are four white, four yellow, and four red onions that’ll hopefully get to a nice size.

Cut-and-Come-Again Lettuces: Mesclun Mix & Gourmet Blend Mix

I was so excited at the thought of the  cut-and-come-again idea, but have been a bit dissapointed with this crop. It’s planted in an old antique box and well, my dog dug out one side of it when they were just seeds. Plus, I’ve had a hard time watering them because they’re all close together and the water splasing on them flattens them to the soil and their edges get burned. I know I need to thin them, but it’ll leave so few, I think. I’ll just have to give it a go I guess, or I might end up with nothing.

Contender Bush Beans

Funny little beans with their big green leaves and halved seed shells. Plus the way they pop their necks out of the ground, then next thing there’s a big leafed tall bean standing so tall and proud.

Contender Bush Bean

I also have butterhead lettuce growing which I thinned recently. I decided to transplant four of the seedlings. They were doing so well, I just couldn’t see letting them not mature into a nice head of lettuce. But, they don’t seem to be to happy with being moved at the moment. Hopefully they’ll perk up in a few days.

Dug up a strip of ground for the herb garden and put in the first – a cutting of chives from my Mom. Mmmm chives!

So there’s my first veg garden update!  How does your garden grow?


2 Responses to “Garden Update: 1”

  1. Lindsey May 21, 2009 at 10:20 am #

    Looking great, Paige! Such a wonderful feeling to accomplish some level of self-sustainability! Chas and I just got our herb garden planted yesterday – rosemary, lemon thyme, cilantro, and two sweet basils for now. I’m planting the tomatoes today and the rest of the seeds will probably go down once we’re back home after memorial day. Love the updates – keep ’em coming!

  2. Kari July 21, 2009 at 4:08 pm #

    In my imagination, that’s how MY garden grows. I’m so jealous! Your garden looks great!

    I did learn a great trick though. If you keep the white part of a green onion in water, it will grow all over again! This might not be news to some, but I learned it on the Food Network, tried it, and was so happy about the result!

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