11 Aug

Is there anybody out there? If not, I wouldn’t be surprised.  I have taken such a long break from this blog, as well as my other two, that I’m sure no one bothers to check in. This I understand.

Over the last year, life has been…geeze, are there even words? Change has been the apparent theme. Personal growth. Firsts. Lessons learned. New relationships. Revelations. Second chances. This hardly encompasses what I wish to convey, but just know I’ve come out the other side a new person in so many ways – all for the good.

The journey to get to the point of now is an important one, but what I’m going to focus on is where I’m at right now.

(A preface: I am not going to get too personal here, so you’re getting the bare bones. Sorry, the lovely details are for me to relish in and savor. :)

Where I’m at…my home  – a home I share with Collin, of course, and my boyfriend Tucker. We moved into Tucker’s house sometime last month.  It has been wonderful.  Collin is sooo happy to be out of the apartment – he hated it, as most kids would. And it is great to be with the ones I love.

Also happening right now…I’m pregnant. It’ll be 14 wks this Saturday (the start of my second trimester!).  Excitement abounds in our household! Warm, fuzzy feelings fill the air, and all is good!

Never has life felt more right than now.


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