How Does Your Jelly Roll?

23 Aug

Some Visual Jelly Roll Inspiration

L to R: Pear-Raspberry Jelly Roll Shortcake, Ice Cream Cake Roll, Martha Stewart’s Jelly Roll, Orange-Angel Jelly Roll

The wonderful duo of the Crash Test Kitchen brought to my attention, the jelly roll. I realize this is an old-fashioned desert, but I think I have only tasted it in a form known as Ho-Hos. Packaged, preservative filled sweetness. I am now determined to make my own and eat this pretty sponge cake with a hot cup of tea.

The jelly roll, also termed Swiss roll – though not originated in Switzerland, is a simple pastry made from eggs, flour, and sugar. It is filled with various jellies and cream, if desired. (And who wouldn’t want cream?)

In my search, I discovered that internationally there are many versions. In India, they sometimes use a pineapple jelly filling which sounds very refreshing. Hong Kong has many flavored rolls including chocolate, strawberry, orange, and mango. Cheese is sometimes a filling in Indonesia. Malaysia use flavors such as coconut and blueberry. Other possibilities abound. All are delicious, I’m sure.

I’m thinking of making one tonight. After I walk down to the library and check out another stack of books. Oh how I love the library! Finally got a library card once again. Such wonderful possibilities it contains!

Have you eaten a jelly roll? Do you make them? What flavors and fillings do you use?


One Response to “How Does Your Jelly Roll?”

  1. linnet September 17, 2010 at 9:18 am #

    did you make one? nice to see you are back on your blog… makes me think i oughtta get back to mine. xoxo

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