Contractions, Meds, & Bedrest – Isn’t Pregnancy Fun?!

20 Jan

2010 most definitely was an amazing year!!  Collin, Tucker, and I became a family and made a home together. I did a river trip on Hell’s Canyon. I went through rehabilitation to successfully get my school loan out of default. And most exciting of all, is this baby girl on the way! Truly, what a wonderful year!

As over the moon we all are about the baby, this pregnancy has not been the smoothest. The fretting began the evening of December 14th (29, almost 30 weeks along) – Braxton Hicks contractions three to four minutes apart that were steady and not letting up.  It was all too familiar. The same thing occurred when I was pregnant with Collin. I wondered if there’d be a repeat, but I certainly hoped it would not replay itself. I had just put in my two weeks at Fred Meyer and had been blissfully unemployed for only a week before it began. Again, a repeat of the first pregnancy, except it had been about two weeks in.

A doctor’s appointment on the 16th landed me with the medication Procardia. Oddly, it’s FDA approved purpose is to lower blood pressure – which mine was already excellent. On the side, it double duties as a smooth muscle relaxer. The uterus is made up of smooth muscle, thus it keeps the contractions at bay. It is the same medicine they gave me with Collin, along with the dreaded bed rest.

I was not put on bed rest this time round. This was the best kind of news to me. Bed rest was awful! But as I remained active, the Procardia didn’t seem to be doing its purported job. Instead, I continued to have frequent contractions at regular intervals – especially in the evening. This brought me to the evening of the 21st. While grocery shopping, I started to feel sick to my stomach – well sort of. I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. It was more like my lower back felt very crampy and at times rather painful, and it would come and go. I noticed I was having some fairly strong contractions and that the back pain was coinciding with them. The pain soon spread to the pelvic area as well making me very nervous.

I quickly finished my shopping and stopped by my mom’s where I was supposed to be picking up some cranberry orange bread she made. The contractions kept coming. I gave my doctor a call and Tucker came over. We sat there and timed the contractions – one to two minutes apart. My doctor told me to check into labor and delivery. I was not ready to have this baby! Just as with the first pregnancy, I was hooked up to a monitor to time the contractions. I got two shots of terbuteline (makes your racing heart race even more), the steroid to speed up baby’s lung development in case of delivering, and a fetal fibronectin test to check for the presence of something that indicates I’m at a higher risk of preterm labor – the test came back positive. All of this was a repeat of the first pregnancy, except the first time I got three terbuteline shots and they did not stop the contractions, then I was given the Procardia. Luckily, this time round, the terbuteline worked. They sent me home that night and I was put on bedrest.

The bedrest wasn’t as strict as the first time. I mainly just had to take it easy. Tucker made that possible to the greatest degree. He was incredible! Dishes, laundry, meals, getting Collin ready for bed, getting him ready in the morning, taking him to preschool. He hardly even let me set my own cup down on the coffee table if he was sitting next to me. Too sweet. He was all about helping to keep that baby safe and sound. And he did it gladly. Happily. With a smile. He’s the best!

All was seeming to be going well until my doctor’s appointment on the 30th. That’s when the next set of worries were brought to our attention.

To be continued…


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