Bat Shirt – Freezer Paper

31 Oct


I had read about freezer paper stencils some time ago, but just recently decided to finally try it out for myself. I love that a rather simple process can yield some decent results!


Bats were on my mind, as it was Halloween, and my son loves Halloween with all of  its spooky fun (Nightmare Before Christmas being a favorite movie since he was two!). I made some bats after seeing them here (template), and decided to make the shirt as well! (There’s a template to download for the shirt  at the site.) I printed the template then traced it on to freezer paper with a Sharpie. Next, I cut out each little bat with an Exacto knife. (I also enlarged the stencil a bit, as it seemed better proportioned to the size of shirt I used.)

The amazing thing about freezer paper is that you can just iron it right on to the fabric and it sticks! Put the sticky side touching the fabric and run your iron over it, making sure to get a good seal so that paint won’t run under and ruin your shirt!


With a foam brush, I applied black acrylic paint. Dab it especially good on the first coat, so that it fills in the fibers of the fabric.

Be sure to slide a barrier in between the layers of fabric so as to not get any paint on the back of your shirt! I used a couple of pieces of cardstock and it worked well.


I waited for it to dry in between coats, and it only needed a few. If you’d like it to be faster, you can use a hairdryer on a low setting to dry the paint.


After it was completely dried, I carefully peeled away the freezer paper, and got this finished custom made tee!


One last thing before you’re finished is to heat set the design. I just laid a cloth napkin over the bats and ran the iron over it several times.


Looking pretty spooky!!

Hopefully you’ll try a freezer paper shirt yourself now! If you’ve done one before, what designs did you do?


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