Here Comes the Sun

5 Mar

What a lovely weekend. Yesterday was the warmest day we’ve had – in the 50’s. It smelled like spring. I’m well aware we could get a surprise snowstorm – like last week’s mini blizzard – but I hope it stays nice. I’m just ready for spring. The feeling comes eventually, when winter is no longer welcome, and the tease of warm sunshine, and soft ground entices you. Ready to plant. Ready for leaves and flowers. Ready for insects. Ready for picnics. Ready to spend everyday outside. It’s time.

I’m going to start making an effort to set our table in a more special way for mealtime. The goal is to always eat at the table, except on movie night, but we seem to often migrate to the couch. We love eating at the table together, and when it’s set up all nice, it’s even more enjoyable. When the weather warms, we’ll take most lunches to the grass on a blanket, and dinners to our outdoor table Tucker made. That will be especially pleasant.

For the lunch above, I made vegetable fritters using green beans and the last of our frozen farmers’ market corn. They were delicious with a wedge of lemon squeezed over and a bit more salt. Yum! The bird plates and glasses are new. Somehow our glasses have been slowly disappearing (ie breaking), so we found these three for just $1.50 each on clearance at Pier 1. I couldn’t resist the bird plates, so we got six. There were all red and just one green, so we got five red and the one green – it’s special, and Collin was the first one to get to use it.

We went to the Tribes showroom so Tucker could take a few photos of a piece he just finished before it shipped off – a TV cabinet that has a lift in it. Tucker was so concentrated on the task at hand, he didn’t even notice Collin skidding around behind him until I showed him the pictures. He is so talented and focused. He inspires me to get focused as well, and to do the things I love – that I’m passionate about. To have something to show for it.

Collin loves going to the shop with Tucker to hammer, stack wood, roll in sawdust, ride around on the dolly, and get very, very dirty. He loves hanging out with Tucker. Molly, the explorer enjoyed herself as well.

Are you ready for spring? Or is winter still your friend?

Does your family eat at the table together? Do you set it extra special? Candles?


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