International Dateline Chicken!

16 Mar


Our neighbor moved to Texas for a new chapter in her life this month. We will miss her and hope she finds much happiness! Also with her went our Internet connection, as we were sharing the service. We haven’t had it for two weeks, but it already feels like more. I prefer to do most things on my computer as opposed to my phone – like writing blog posts, for instance. Which is why I am posting a couple of last weeks’ meals today – I figured I’d better get to posting and not wait till we had Internet again, as it could be a while.


Here is the table all set up for a scrumptious dinner. I mentioned in an earlier post about wanting to fancy up the dinner table at meal times. As you can see, all that adorns our table are dishes, napkins, and food – not entirely the flourishings I had envisioned. It’s lacking a bit of panache, I suppose. Once spring officially hits, I’ll have more of the outside to bring in – but am wondering what to use in the meantime.

I would love to see your dinner table all done up! Please share some photos of your mealtime decor!! And tell me in the comments what makes your table special!


This meal truly was a unique treat! The International Dateline Chicken is a lovely concoction of interesting flavors – like dates, mandarins, and curry.

The recipe comes from the Cook’s Country Best Lost Suppers cookbook that I have fallen in love with. (Time for it to go back to the library though. Sad.) The editors of the Test Kitchen say, “We couldn’t get enough of this savory-sweet dish.” I agree!! There’s plenty of sauce to eat it over rice, which we did with the leftovers the next night. Find this recipe and make it yourself!! Share with some loved ones…everyone will thank you!


Along with the chicken, I served roasted asparagus simply dressed with olive oil and lemon. The potatoes came from Jamie Oliver – Best Baby Potatoes. Boiled and mixed with butter, fresh lemon juice, scallions, and parsley (the recipe calls for mint, but we couldn’t find any). The potatoes took on so much flavor – they were mouthwateringly good.


For lunch the next day, I heated up the asparagus, and roasted the potatoes in a skillet. Topped with a runny fried egg and some parmesano reggiano, and there we had ourselves a fine lunch. Mmmmm.

How do you set your table? And what’s cooking up in your kitchen?


One Response to “International Dateline Chicken!”

  1. Nema March 18, 2012 at 6:23 pm #

    All looks very good. Have you always liked runny yolks, or is my memory of having to cook yolks hard for everyone but myself wrong.

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