Monster Knit Pants

20 Mar

What fun, what fun! I am knitting up a pair of pants for my little Molly – Monster Pants to be exact. Apparently they’re a big thing in the knitting world, but were only recently brought to my attention by a friend, Michelle, who posted them on her FB profile as something she wanted for her son.  And let me just say that they are some darn cute little longies!

These are the pair that Michelle posted. The lady used this pattern for her adorable pants, which I have used as well…along with a mix of another pattern, sort of.

I got quite a bit confused when it came time to knit the gusset. Could be my semi novice knitting skills. Could be that some steps were a first for me and I just couldn’t make sense of  it. Could be that the pattern was confusing. Whatever the case, I used another pattern for when it comes to the joining at the crotch. Then I switched back to the first for the legs.  And frankly, I’m not even sure how the join came about…but it did! Somehow, some way…thankfully!!

This lady made this rockin’ set of monster pants and shirt for her little boy, using this pattern (cost of $5) for the join. She also has a store where she sells her adorable kids’ clothes.

If you make them, let me know what pattern(s) you use!

The pattern by the Wandering Lady is wonderful for the roomy mouth, which is made by short rows – my first time doing them (correctly, that is). If you’ve never done short rows, I recommend this tutorial from the Purl Bee. Apparently there are other ways to do them – just find what works best for you. I had to rip my mouth back twice before I was satisfied.

This is as far as I have come. Can’t wait to finish them up – eyes and all – and put them on Molly!

Have you knit longies? What projects are you working on?


One Response to “Monster Knit Pants”

  1. Kari April 27, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

    No knitting skills here, but I think these are the cutest things ever!!!

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