Muffins, a Radish, and Big Foot Forest

11 May

I made Big Beautiful Banana Muffins from America’s Test Kitchen’s Family Cookbook. They really are called Big Beautiful – so that’s how I referred to them during the entire process. The thing is, the recipe was supposed to make 12 Big Beautiful Muffins, and not only did my batter yield the 12, but it also allowed for 12 Mini Beautiful Muffins as well. This is not the first time I have mysteriously come up with extra batter, but I’m not complaining because they are delish – I should know I’ve been eating them at a regular clip all day, those little guys are too easy to devour.

That little radish is the first of the season. I saw red peeking through the brown dirt, and yanked him out of there without even checking if he was big enough. I could have let him grow a bit more, but I was so excited that he became a radish, that I couldn’t help myself. You see, our radishes did so poorly, and I have been completely flummoxed by it. They all popped up nicely, put on their true leaves, and looked full of promise; then they began to have striations of yellow and many just crumpled up and died. It was so strange, and radishes are one of the easiest veg to grow. I don’t know if there was too much nitrogen from last year’s burn, or what the deal was, but this one above, along with a few others, managed to hang on for dear life. I’ve since reseeded in another raised bed, and so far so good.

The flowers are from my mom’s garden – purple rocket and some pretty tulips.

I spent some time weeding the alley-side of the fence. I plan on planting some flowers over there. I hate how the alleys just fill up with weeds. We have about a gazillion sunflowers and California poppies that reseeded from last year on the other side of the fence that I’m hoping will transplant well. The California poppies came over from my mom’s garden last summer, so I think if we water them well initially they’ll do fine. I know they can be temperamental when moved. The sunflowers were from the previous owners and hadn’t bloomed since Tucker bought the house. They were a pleasant and most welcome surprise!

The Sunflowers, poppies, wild volunteer tomatoes, and a heavy fruited apricot tree made up what my son named Big Foot Forest last summer. It was a very wild and beautiful place – perfect for a child’s imagination. A very friendly Big Foot lived there, and whenever anyone came over, Collin would invite them to bug hunt in Big Foot Forest. It is now the site of the future chicken coop, with some space reserved for wild growth. Progress on the chick chicks home as of late: nil. So many projects going on.


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