Pinwheels, Tomatoes, and Kisses.

15 May

Collin is such a sweet Brother, giving his little Sister a kiss. He is the best Brother to Molly!

Molly loves our collection of pinwheels – they fascinate her and make her smile. What she doesn’t like is grass – or the feel of it – hence the blanket, which works quite nicely as a containment device as she won’t cross over the border. This is good because another thing she likes is to stick EVERYTHING in her mouth.

Our tomatoes are hardening off outside. I transplanted each and every one of them into their own container – all fifty-something of them. I think we have room for 15…I’m currently looking for more places to stash them. Many of them are from a packet of Heirloom Rainbow Tomatoes. There are twenty or so possibilities for them to be – and I feel like I MUST SEE WHAT EACH ONE IS. A portion will find new homes in Family and Friends. I might just have to require each person to give me one tomato from each plant. Just so I can revel in the fact that I grew those little guys from seeds. It’s my first time, OK? I’m excited.

What’s growing in your garden?


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