Cute Kids, Headlocks, and Entomology.

16 May

I just LOVE these kids of mine.

We’ve been going over to my mom’s house everyday after we pick up Collin from school. My mom has been in Oklahoma visiting my brother Jess and his family, so we’ve taken up the task of watering her vegetable seedlings.

My mom has a lovely garden. It is full of beautiful flowers and greenery, and feels like an oasis – shady, colorful, sheltered. Collin loves it most especially for the first rate bug hunting.

His favorite insect is the roly poly – which, as it just so happens – ARE NOT actually insects at all. They are related, as insects and roly polies both come from the phylum Arthropoda, but their subphylum is Crustacea – that’s right, as in crustaceans. So they’re more closely related to lobsters and shrimp. Tell your kids.

Sometimes I think it’s hard for a kid to be “enlightened” about such knowledge. For instance, when Collin was 4 years old, and learned that daddy long legs are not actually spiders (though they’re still arachnids), but something called harvestmen he got very upset when someone didn’t believe him. In fact, he once put a poor girl at daycare in a headlock over such an incident – and Collin is a very peaceful child, albeit passionate. So don’t squish a spider in front of him…

I encouraged Collin to share his love of the small critter world with Molly and show her the roly polies he had found. He was hesitant, and rightly so. Not only did she smack feverishly at his approaching hand laden with the little dark grey specks on it, but she’d have no qualms about eating said specks. Mercifully, she spared them.

Share with us an awesome bug/insect/critter/what-have-you fact.


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