Dental Woes, Summer Kids, & Flowers

25 Jul


My teeth hurt. Badly. I have to go back to the dentist tomorrow, and I don’t wanna! Except to be done with this pain of course. It’s not actually the tooth that he thought I might have to go back for, it’s the other. The filling is chipped. I think everything I eat, drink, breathe must be reaching that nerve and causing it to ache. I go from having a cavity that doesn’t even hurt, to having it hurt like crazy AFTER getting it fixed! This seems backwards and I am so not pleased!

Collin had swim lessons this morning and soon we’ll be off to his piano lesson. He did t-ball earlier in the summer as well. Has been our busiest summer yet, and his first participating in any organized activities. I prefer not to create too much chaos by having kids in a million things – especially with Molly’s therapies added to the mix. Also though, because I love home time. It’s good to slow down. To take in everything around you. Collin is very good about going outside and looking for bugs, examining the plants, looking at books, drawing, etc. He is passionate about a lot of things because he has had the chance to find out what he likes, what makes him happy. He doesn’t always have to have a friend over, which allows him to discover his Self. I think that is very important.


2 Responses to “Dental Woes, Summer Kids, & Flowers”

  1. Kimberlee July 26, 2012 at 9:16 am #

    Pregnancy is bad for my teeth. Seriously. I am always left with a cavitiy or two after baby comes.

    I loved reading about your apricot jam experience. Made me smile. And way to go mom on coming to your rescue. I am anxiously awaiting my canning: peaches and tomatoes again this year. Probably some marinara sauce too. And maybe some pears. My kids devour the peaches though. Last year I froze a bunch of peaches to…perfect for smoothies and warmed and served over ice-cream. Yum.

    • Paige August 14, 2012 at 1:55 pm #

      Glad you enjoyed it. I’m thinking it’s going to be reserved for meat – like pork and such. And my mom has been a great help to me!

      How do you can your peaches? I did some slices in syrup, and somehow I botched that a bit too. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but apparently it is! They’ll still be really yummy, but something isn’t the same as I imagine jarred peaches to be. So I’m just throwing them in the freezer…in their jars…with the syrup. I imagine that’ll work! Do you do whole tomatoes? And what do you do with your pears? I have some from the Farmers’ Market. I’m thinking pear butter. I’m also doing a batch of peach butter. Love fruit butters!

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