Paige here. If I could, I’d be a naturalist as in days of yore – surrounded by nature, observing, pondering, sketching, writing, and being mystified. Presently, I do so mainly from my son’s curious mind. It’s nice to be taken back down the journey of childhood!

My interests, like yours, are many: Read the blog and you’ll find the posts to be chockablock (my new favorite word) with these interests.

We are a family of four: my wonderful, extra amazing man, our dear, sweet, fun 6-year old boy and our adorable, loving 16-month old girl who has William’s Syndrome (look it up!). These three people create such an enormous amount of joy in my life!!! And, we have a little boy on the way with a due date of September 1st!

(You can read my first post here.)

You can check out my other blog here. (Idaho/Outdoors)


One Response to “About”

  1. Lindsey Bastar March 26, 2008 at 2:14 am #

    Hey Paige,
    It is so fun to read about all the fun adventures you have. So since you are much more net savy than myself, how long can I access you through blogger? I am a little confused, but don’t want to lose touch with you.

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